International Scientific and Technical Conference

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Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

National Welding Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding (NAKS)  

Perm National Research Polytechnic University


International Scientific and Technical Conference


The conference is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the invention of the electric arc welding with a consumable electrode by N. G. Slavyanov, which will take place from September 18 to 21, 2018.

The purpose of the conference
 is to create a common information space for the exchange of the experience, the integration of world achievements in the field of welding, welding technologies, welding equipment and quality control, as well as the implementation of innovative technologies in welding production.

The work of the conference will be planned as a single event, combining the work of discussion zones with different themes.

The conference will hear and discuss reports of scientists from different countries on the most important scientific achievements in the field of welding and related processes: welding technologies and equipment, coatings application, soldering, new materials, non-destructive inspection, technical diagnostics, hybrid welding, additive technologies.

Within the framework of the conference, the all-Russian congress of members of the SRO Association National Welding Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding (NAKS) will be held. The congress will discuss the safety of production, the development and discussion of professional standards and the stages of implementing an independent evaluation of skills in welding production in the regions of the Russian Federation.

The historical and cultural part of the conference will be held in the house museum of N. G. Slavyanov, where the "Second glass of Slavyanov" will be presented for the first time within the framework of the exhibition of the museum complex of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Participants of the conference: Alyoshin N.P. - academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences; Lysak V.I. - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Doctors of Technical Sciences and candidates of technical sciences of Russian universities; heads of large industrial facilities of the Russian Federation, heads of certification centers of National Welding Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding, Russia, Delegation of DVS (German Union of Welding and Related Processes).

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Organizing committee address:

614990, Russia, Perm,

Komsomolsky Prospect, 29

PNIPU, Welding 2018 (Svarka 2018)


phone: +7(342) 219-83-71 – Shchitsin Iurii Dmitrievich, vice chairman of the program committee

phone: +7 952-319-14-43 – Sigaev Aleksei Anatolevich, chairman of the executive committee